Bykea Raises $13 Million, the Karachi-based motorcycle riding service, secured $13 million in funding, but investors put it on hold after the Sindh government extended the ban on pillion riding for another two weeks till July 15.
Pillion riding was a lot safer than traveling on buses, rickshaws, and breathing recirculated air in cars, the company said in a press release quoting its founder and CEO Muneeb Maayr.
It said that motorbike rider wore helmets that serve as health visors, which are used by health professionals for protection, and ride in the open air with gloves and face masks on.
A homegrown startup, Bykea accounts for more than half of the bike ride market with more than two-thirds of business coming from Karachi alone. After Sindh went into lockdown, commercial bike rides were banned in the province as a measure to implement social distancing. Uber and Careem also provide bike ride services but they have a significant share in car rides and are not solely dependent on bike rides.

Bykea Raises $13 Million : Source

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