The Clean Green Pakistan Index (CGPI) is a city/tehsil and neighborhood-level index which aims to rank cities/tehsils and neighborhoods according to their cleanliness and greenery. The CGPI is the core pillar of CGPM officially launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 25 November 2019. CGPI will be used for cities’ ranking against the performance indicators set for each component including safe drinking water, solid waste management, liquid waste management/hygiene, plantation, and total sanitation. The purpose of CGPI is to rank the cities based on greenery and cleanliness.


  1. Voice And Accountability
  2. Participatory Monitoring & evaluation
  3. Knowledge and practice 
  4. Healthy Competition 


  1. Liquid waste management & hygiene
  2. Total sanitation
  3. Tree plantation
  4. Safe drinking water
  5. Solid waste management
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