Cyber Wing transition to E-office was highly expected as Pakistan is on a drive to digitalize all its Government department.

As we transition towards a digital world, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Pakistan announced the transition of its departments to e-office by the end of 2020. 

This initiative is a step towards adopting a paperless working environment in the government sector. In this regard, a two day training session, headed by Ms. Suriya Jamal; DG Cyber Wing, was organised at the Cyber Wing. The session was attended by all the officials of the wing. 

While addressing the participants, Ms Suriya stressed hard on the importance of e-office in future and stated that it will promote transparency, expedite the process of file disposal, maintain the record and ensure efficient use of material and human resources. She further stated how adopting the e-system completely would enable a smooth flow of work between the ministries. Cyber Wing transition to E-office is just one of the digitalization milestone GOP has achieved successfully.

DG Cyber Wing, while concluding the session urged all the officials to comprehend the working of e-office so that its implementation results in a complete success in the future.