Sila is making vibes in the suburbs of Rawalpindi, Mr. Jibran Khalil who strictly believes that Education is a gateway to success, a motivating story from slums. Every Children has a right to go to school and learn, regardless of their status, their living standards and their gender. Quality education requires a secure, healthy, friendly environment and motivated teachers. Education is a social right and plays an important role in reducing poverty  and child labour. As per the latest poverty estimates, 24% of Pakistan’s population lives below the national poverty line.Education leads to prosperity and in all societies of the world it helps people with skills and finally a breadwinner. 

The problem of having a big chunk of students out of school is a national problem in Pakistan now. Children living in Slums are even more deprived of such basic rights. Particularly those living with disability, have been deprived of opportunities for early childhood education. SILA is a brain child of Mr. Jibran, who believed in these children and wanted to elevate them by imparting education. Problems faced by this social start up were huge like: 

  • Regional feuds with society incumbents to leave slums alone.
  • Parents forcing Mr. Jibran to let their kids go to kiosks and stations to beg and earn for living
  • Recruiting teachers for STEM education
  • Managing resources for project based learning
  • Inculcation of religious education etc

Sila stood tall among all the odds and now it is entering in its fourth year of continuous service. Living to its name “SILA” i.e. giving back to society. Fulfilling vision of Mr. Jibran that each kid should be at least able to read, write and do basic maths. The purpose of school is not to enter the rat race of meeting professions, but to produce entrepreneurs which are skillful enough to earn a living and serve as breadwinner for their families.

What’s in it for us: Is education really a gateway to success? 

The wheel of Pakistan’s economy seems to be punctured, it does move slowly but we are in aw, if it is going backward or forward. The fast paced world need socio-technical transitions and structured governance, so I have a question here: 

Do you think we are gonna catch up? 

We have heard stories of China’s success through developing cottage industry, India’s exploitation of youth to win the IT industry

What is Pakistan’s national policy on educational transitions? (Education is a gateway to success: your comments would be appreciated …)

Education is a gateway to success
SILA Students

Story of SILA, a micro living lab

Within a short span of time SILA is supporting 100+ kids now in primary education which is absolutely free. We don’t need to talk about west and neighbors, if such micro living labs can do it why not federal and provincial education systems? 

There are a lot of unanswered questions, solutions are around the corner. We just need the right people at the right place to do the right job. This youth is the biggest strength if guided on the right path and arsenal with right tools. And the same youth can be the worst burden on a nation, if they are abandoned on the streets just to earn a degree which might be a zero-sum game. 

Today is the time to empower teachers with the right skills, empower the system with the right resources and let the transition begin. Private education system is not good enough to meet Pakistan’s national needs and we need an educational transition think tank to move the ship in the right direction. 

Education is a gateway to success: Your comments are welcomed.