Karachi energy woes, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed had stormed with fury on the performance of both federal and provincial governments on energy matters. The uninterrupted supply of energy is a basic right which has to be made sure on any terms. 

In a suo moto case hearing on unannounced load shedding in Karachi, CJP stated all reports submitted un satisfactory. He further added that federal government and the national electric power regulatory authority (NEPRA) has not done enough to solve the matters,

The court was postponed when attorney general for Pakistan Khalid Javed Khan proposed an in-chamber presentation in two weeks’ time.

Minister for power Omer Ayub Khan and minister for planning and development Asad Umar will brief court on the behalf of the federal government about transition plans to ease the situation.

Are incumbents doing the right thing and is the workforce capable of handling Pakistan further energy transition?

CJP rightly expressed his fury on the capability of hired staff in NEPRA, while adding that a heavy fine can be levied by the court, there is a dire need to rethink Pakistan energy need, resources to solve the problem and onboarding right people, CJP  added that organizations take billions from the government kitty but offer zero relief to the main beneficiaries, the residents of Pakistan. This list of organizations include national transmission and dispatch companies, the power division and power utility companies like K-Electric.

Increase in tariff 

CJP was again not happy with K.Electrics increase in tariff. Fingers were pointed on K.Electric shareholders which have links to indian investments. Mr. Monis Alvi, managing director of K-Electric was asked to bring details.

Similarly CJP questioned nationality  of chairman Mr. Shan Ashani in reply to which chairman K.electric tell the court that his complete name was Shan Abbas Ashani and he is Pakistani and patriot citizen,

“People of Karachi as well as k.electric would not be in such a mess had you been loyal to this country”

CJP Mr. Ali Zafar told the court that k.Electric had nine directors and it was a joint venture between Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian business groups, $400 million is an approximate investment.

CJP bemoaned while sharing his views that this is the problem in handling corporate affairs because people on the front are different from the people at the back who actually run the affairs. CJP said that I am dubious strings are in the hands which can be in Mumbai and similar situation prevails in Balochistan, An immediate remedy is needed or the situation can get worse which can grapple all Pakistan engulfed in darkness of load shedding. Energy and power sector has to step forward to own the problem and own the issue. 

Karachi energy woes
Karachi energy woes
Do we have anyone loading into future desired energy transitions ?
Karachi energy woes: Reference


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