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Master Motors entry into passenger vehicles- Changan Alsvin. Starting in 1963 with Moltyfoams, Master had technical collaboration with Bayer (Germany) to map its innovation in the field. The propitious genetics of success did not hinder in beddings business only. The diversification and business transition has been stupendous throughout the years. 

Master business diversification timeline

Talking about Transport industry of Pakistan, Changon Alsvin is not Master’s first move in the market. It would be interesting to learn that Master Motors Corporation Ltd already has a strong foothold in Pakistan’s public and private sector organizations.

Lets see what master group is up to under the umbrella of Master Motors Corporation Ltd.

Master Motors Corporation Limited (MMCL)

MMCL is an authorized assembler/ manufacturer in Pakistan for commercial vehicles from Japan and China. MMCL has a strong commercial base in both public and private sector organizations. As above stated timeline shows this love for transport industry started back in year 2002. So we can say that the group knows the market dynamics very well and has learnt it the right way to create a market in Pakistan. The precedent success does represent the same. Master group has applied the technical collaboration magic wand to MMCL and joined hands with Changan, Foton, Fuso and Yutong. A collage of some difficult to pronounce names may does sound funny but has been well thought out to capture market niches in Pakistan. See the chart below:

Master Motors Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliance


Vehicle Type



Changan Motors


Light commercial vehicles

Competing Suzuki Bolan and Ravi in particular

Karvaan passenger vehicle

Foton Motor Group


Medium and heavy duty trucks

Competing Hino, Jac, FAW, Bedford, Toyota Hi-ace etc

Foton Medium Red Truck

Fuso (Mitsubishi)


Truck and Bus

Competing Toyota Coaster, Hino, Faw, Bedford etc

Fuso Long Truck




Competing with Daewoo, Toyota Coasters, Hino etc

Yutong Bus

Master Wind Energy Limited

In year 2005, Master Group stepped in to another major sector of Pakistan’s economy i.e. Energy. Here again Master group has used the saint’s formula of technical collaboration with Huadong Engineering Corporation (Power China) and kickstart its first project “Jhimpir Wind Corridor” in Sindh. This is approximately 48 KM’s from Karachi, which makes it an ideal wind farm to power the largest city of Pakistan. 33 General Electric turbines have been installed in this project. Now Second project is underway near Jomshoro region, Sindh.

Master Windmill

Changan Alsvin

Master Motors entry into passenger vehicles- Changan Alsvin. Master Motor hit on the money by entering in to well desire passenger vehicle market in Pakistan with its master class Sedan “Changan Alsvin”. Until now, the car has checked all boxes on competing with its counterparts and it is expected to hit the road in first quarter of 2021. The company has started bookings and rolling sleeves on the production line.

With luxury comes comfort!

Is it true! Yes but not for Master Motors. They have a big task ahead to enhance their dealers networks which is as astound and upheave as Indus Motor Corporation and Honda Atlas Cars.

An even grumpier road is flooding the market with spare parts. Making all parts available for “consumers to be”, in fact this is one of the most important aspect when consumers come to a decision on purchasing a particular brand. As dissonance will be high in purchasing a 25 lac Sedan, thus this challenge has to be addressed as soon as possible to raise the level of confidence among consumer market, which is different from Master Motor’s previous avenues of dealing in commercial vehicles.

However, once the anchor is set in right direction it is a handsome market segment, which Master Motor can acquire. Their entry in to consumer market is warmly welcomed and plays a significant role in Pakistan transport transitions.

Let us have a look at advanced features of Changan Alsvin in following pictures:  

Changan Alsvin
Changan Alsvin
Changan Alsvin Interior
Changan Alsvin Interior

Interplay of Energy and Transport

Where I see Master Motor taking a leap among other local and international transport players is their existing diversification in energy business. When advanced energy functions like mobility-to-grid are waiting around the corner and Pakistan being 5G ready, sky is the limit. Their strategic alliance Yutong is already making vibes in electric busses and has expedited its effort in 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solutions. Such strategic alliances and strengthening energy muscle make Master Motors an emerging future player, which sets in the right motion for future energy mobility markets.

How do you see Indus Motor Corporation and Honda Atlas Cars responding to emerging Pakistan-Chinese transport collaborations?  (Let us know about your thoughts)