Muneeb Maayr insights on Pakistan future digital landscape is shared in his latest podcast with AWS startup Podcast.

Listen to amazing talk here:

I loved his comments at the end to RETHINK if your feel that you are not able to compete with deep pocketed Global Products. Map out customer journeys and amazing world of opportunity will welcome you.

People are too shy to jump into their fears – He shared an analogy to walk up to the pretty girl in the bar – Opportunity is big! Consumer is just someone like you (and only you can un tap those market needs).

He has put great focus on regional strengths and localization mixing up with exploiting digital technologies like maps.

It is not important to be happy and answerable to people around you. Primarily you are answerable to yourself. Most creators and inventors are obsessed with something. Like solving a problem and that’s what drives them.

Fear of failure is a future regret you have to bypass now.

Useful material what Muneeb usually listen to:

  1. Impact theory – YouTube
  2. Art of manliness– Google podcast
  3. Tech Buzz china by  Panda daily
  4. NPR how I built this