is 5G ready but what’s next? IT Minister Syed Amin Ul Haq has recently made the nation’s first 5G call at a function facilitated by Zong. The status of 5G in Pakistan was encircled by simple gossipy tidbits and this development presently guarantees that progress is being made to execute 5G in Pakistan at the earliest opportunity.

Tweet is given below by Ministry for IT and Telecom:

The event is indeed a transition for the Telecom industry in Pakistan, as we move day by day towards improving connectivity by acquiring new technologies. 

PTA additionally made an administrative structure on IoT and 5G recently. The basic aim of this working group to predict the IoT future revolution in Pakistan and to assess and suggest the conceivable regulatory option.

While commercial 5G deployment still has numerous years to go, this initial step guarantees that telcos are doing work to deploy advanced technologies for Digital Transition in Pakistan. Now, many people have a lot of mobile phones which don’t support 5G capabilities, which means that when 5G technology is deployed a huge number of people will have to change their mobile phones.

Pakistan is 5G ready but what’s next?
Pakistan is 5G ready but what's next?
Pakistan is 5G ready but what’s next?

Here is a video highlighting the difference between 4G and 5G plus an article on what to expect from it!

We will share more updates from the event as we receive them. Stay Connected!

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