Pakistans first Mobile App for differently-abled individuals has been launched with NITB support, keeping in view that usually it is a big challenge for parents to help differently abled children in learning.

Mobile App directed towards differently abled children was launched in a ceremony held on the 22nd of October, 2020 by the Federal Minister of Human Rights Pakistan; Dr. Shireen M. Mazari. Secretary for Human Rights, Director General (HR), Director General (SE), CEO (NITB), DG (NITB) and officers from the concerned departments were also present at the ceremony. 

The app whose main purpose is to promote awareness among the specially abled individuals; regarding their training, education and rehabilitation, was built by the Ministry of Education and the Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE), in collaboration with the National Information of Technology Board (NITB). 

This initiative is mainly aimed towards the people living in the remote areas of ICT as it is designed to dispense information about online admissions and various other facilities being offered by the Special Education Centres. 

Advantages of the App 

  1. Provide assistance in locating the nearest educational institute. 
  2. Facility of online application despite the institution being physically inaccessible. 
  3. Availability of detailed information on the admission policies and services being provided at these centres.
  4. This app would enable approximately 30,000 specially abled children enter the educational stream.
  5. Availability of application status online. 
  6. Availability of download and feedback options for the application. 

Director General (SE); Sheikh Azhar Sajjad, in his speech during the ceremony, stated that apart from the launched application, the Directorate DGSE have formulated various policies, programs and projects that provide these individuals with an inclusive environment and opportunities that will better help educate and rehabilitate them.

He further highlighted the free of cost therapies being provided by the department which include Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Artificial Limbs, Ophthalmology and Occupational Therapy. 

This initiative, directed towards a noble cause, was highly appreciated by the Federal Human Rights Minister and the designers and developers were awarded with certificates of appreciation by her. The ceremony finally came to a conclusion with a vote of thanks by DGSE; Sheikh Azhar Sajjad.

But it is a great achievement on the officials end that Pakistans first Mobile App for differently-abled individual has been launched, now it is duty of the pupil to make best use of it and help differently abled individuals to get maximum benefit.

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