This Monday on 30th Novemeber, Mr. Phillip Joeining the Executive Chairman of the company  John Menzies, met with Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss various opportunities cum proposals regarding advancement of aviation industry in Pakistan by furthering airport services and up scaling tourism.

PM who is already an admirer of tourism took deep interest by welcoming international collaborations. He forwarded his support in establishment of tourism services in Pakistan by elaborating opportunities of ample venues that can be converted into excellent attractions in an eco-friendly manner.

PM has a special focus on Green Environment but it is an interesting debate how tourism can be made eco-friendly and yet sustainability. Specifically in geographies like Pakistan, the tourism sites are prone to more pollution, waste and poor construction of spaces. Even a good developed infrastructure is not enough to answer the woes of environmental friendliness as local builders and landowners own the game. So it would be an interesting and important resolve how Government of Pakistan (GoP) is going to handle this.

Pakistan is at a nascent stage in tourism and how this government’s development will unfold this industry is yet a question mark. The meet did put proposals regarding the establishment of Skiing resorts and mountaineering on the table. Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari was also present during the meeting. Your comments on this meet up would be appreciated, as an aviation company rendering airport services will help in scaling the tourism business in Pakistan which lacks basic infrastructure to such promotions. 

Menzies Aviation is An aviation services business based in Scotland, John Menzies provides ground handling, cargo handling, in-plane fueling and cargo-forwarding services.