SLOSH Pakistani startup working on brain tumor detection using AI. The world has progressed so much, from autonomous drones to self-driving cars and Pakistan is just moving on from the infamous Mehran. Or are we? Pakistanis aren’t actually far behind.

The IT industry of Pakistan is actually considered to be one of the most emergent sectors in Asia. All it needs is the right exposure.

That’s why today we are interviewing Aiman – the founder of Slosh AI Solutions which is a startup at the National Incubation Center working on a system that can identify brain tumors effectively by leveraging the power of AI and deep learning.

Company Background: How she comes up with the idea: Aiman – Founder of Slosh AI Solutions said

In 2018, I lost a very close family member due to cancer. The major reason behind all this was the slow and late diagnosis. Our family tried all means but cancer reached a stage where it was not curable.

Also, in the same year, another close relative of mine went through a life-threatening surgery because of misdiagnosis.

So, I thought of building assistive tools that can assist radiologists in diagnosing these diseases with more accuracy. Humans make mistakes and so do the machines but if both of them are put together, wonders can happen. I completed my Masters in October 2019.

Although I am an Electrical Engineer, I switched courses in MS to learn machine learning and image processing

Data is the backbone for every research; and the importance of credible datasets for medical research cannot be negated.

For brain tumors, there is a universally accepted dataset named “BraTS”; since this is a standardized dataset, it can be used to compare results anywhere across the world. We are using that dataset for our product.

How accurate product is:

Basically, it’s difficult to give you a value that we have 80% accuracy or something because our code is broken into chunks. Like one chunk would be giving 90% and the other would be giving 70%. So currently, we are working on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Once we are done with that, then we can test our overall product and give you a definite value of our accuracy. We still need to validate that product with real-world data from local hospitals and actually check it’s accuracy. We are linking up with hospitals and doctors but once we are done, then we can let you know.

SLOSH Pakistani startup working on brain tumor detection using AI
SLOSH Pakistani startup working on brain tumor detection using AI
SLOSH AI-Solution
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