The Shaheen of Sialkot took its first leap today, carrying the tagline “Discover Pakistan”. Rightly, so, Pakistan needed that local flavor. It has been a way forward for Pakistan where local players are emerging on the horizon.

The Shaheen of Sialkot took its first leap today

It should be marked as a day of extreme joy and significance in Air transport sector of Pakistan. This initiation of AirSial Limited will open avenues of low cost traveling options in Pakistan. We are optimist in future it will open up more cities too for national and international travelers.

But we should not forget the efforts Pakistan needs as a nation towards green transitions. The contribution of such Air Coaches to the carbon emissions in massive and irreparable no matter what CSR we can promise. Where we are progressing on these frontiers we should also step forward in putting dimes to the localized research and technology efforts to offer solutions towards de-carbonization of such travels.

Soon electric vehicles would be hitting the roads and there are organization, which have started working on viable solutions in electric driven planes etc.

Therefore, we should be happy on the progress but at the same time ask ourselves a question where will it lead. The anthropocene is here, where we are contributing to misbalancing planet’s climate and ecosystem.

Your comments and suggestions in this regard would be welcomed.