To meet National Health needs in emergency Pak Neghayban app is launched, app has Access to the availability of beds and vents on hospitals.

National Command and Operation Center Pakistan (NCOC) has launched the Pak Neghayban app to provide information about the availability of ventilators in hospitals. Pakistan is digitizing many sectors but the health sector is fast-forwarded with new installments because of the need for the time. It does help Pakistan transition in a positive direction which was very well needed. 

Pak Neghayban app has been linked with 1110 hospitals across the country. Users can easily locate the nearest hospitals with available beds or ventilators. They can also figure out which facilities are offering coronavirus tests. National Information Technology Board (NITB) has collaborated with NCOC to bring this marvel to the people of Pakistan.  

When a user clicks on the “Hospital/Lab” widget, the application picks the current location by GPS and points out all pinned hospitals and PCR testing labs in the vicinity on a map. The interactive map is linked with Google Maps and provides you with the direction of the labs as well.

Pak Neghayban app is launched

The app has essentially been developed for two types of users: Citizens and Health Officers. According to officials, this will help save lives in cases of emergency. Pak Neghayban app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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Pak Neghayban app Is lanuched
Pak Neghayban app is launched on playstore: